Perth Lip Injections & Treatments

Lip enhancement involves the injection of non-permanent fillers to enhance the lip volume (pout) and to restore definition to the lip edge (contour). Full, youthful lips can enhance features and increase self-confidence.

The dermal filler is injected into the inside of the upper &/or lower lip to create a more pronounced mouth and fuller lips. This can be combined with injection along the edge or outline of the lip (vermillion border). Redefining this edge leads to a more youthful and appealing look and also prevents lipstick bleeding into the small lines around the lips.

The lip enhancement procedure takes 20 minutes. A dental nerve block may be employed to minimise discomfort. Downtime varies with the individual. Swelling and occasionally bruising can persist for 48 hours. This is more prominent on virgin lips. Regular application of ice packs will assist the recovery process.